Monday, 21 July 2008

Driving her mad!

Teresa Clarke, a 62-year-old grandmother and mother-of-two, has at last passed her driving test.

Teresa tentatively took to the wheel of a car for the first time in 1981, shortly before sometime second-rate actor and sometime third-rate president, Ronald Reagan, was shot …. even before Lady Diana Spencer ousted Prince Charles from number one slot in the media when they married.

Since Teresa began, she spent her time driving through an enormous 20 instructors, spent a staggering £15,000 and had over 450 hours of driving tuition. Despite all that, she failed 12 tests, cancelled a further 35 and had 50 mock exams - bedlam!

She says number 13 was lucky, but lucky for whom? I wouldn’t like to be on the pavement when she's driving past.

It reminds me of a comment made by an acquaintance of mine, who lives in Spain. A number of years ago a fairground visited his local town on the Costa Blanca. He pointed to the dodgem cars and alienated one of the locals by saying, “I see they’ve opened your new driving school.”
Immediate vinegar face.
His friend, not to be outdone, added, “Well I've heard from a good authority that they hand out driving licences when the Spanish are convalescing after a lobotomy.”

Not my words, you’ll note….
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