Saturday, 21 March 2009

Restaurante Paraiso, Parcent

Bedlam Review.

Last night was treat-night again. It doesn't happen often in this financial climate, so we try to get it right when it happens.

Restaurante Paraiso Parcent

Seven of us booked a table at Restaurante Paraiso on the outskirts of Parcent on the Costa Blanca - and what a treat it turned out to be. Entertainment was laid on in the form of 'John the Fiddler' - and wow, what a musician. He absolutely made that violin zing - and played keyboard - and played guitar - and sang.

Terrific entertainment all around.

Restaurante Paraiso has been renovated but retains it's original rustic image. It has incredible views over the village, two fireplaces, and an ancient olive press in the central reception. The international menu, changes on a regular basis. Run by two chefs, one famed for steak dishes the other for desserts.

The waiters/waitresses all joined in the fun by dressing as serving wenches and suchlike. The food was absolutely top class - and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.... And for all that entertainment, and 5 course meal with half-bottle of wine per person it only came to 18:50 euros - well worth the trip.

John the Fiddler at Restaurante Paraiso

Staff at Restaurante Paraiso

The bar and entrance, Restaurante Paraiso

We should be going to Paraiso again in a few weeks - looking forward to it.
What more can you ask - good food, good entertainment and good company.

End of post on Bedlam - Restaurante Paraiso


zeus said...

Thank you for coming to El Paraiso, we appreciate all the support and hope that last night will be one of many more memorable evenings here. It is always good to get feedback from our customers, as we can get very tied up in the kitchen on a busy night!
and yes Jon the Fiddler is one of the best live entertainers I have seen .... he´s fantastic!
Look forward to seeing you soon

Anthony James Barnett said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Zeus.

If you've seen my blog-posts before you'll know I can be quite scathing. I have a reputation of writing from the hip.

I only speak as I find. Thought it was excellent