Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

Bedlam Post.

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Well it's Friday the thirteenth again.

Most people seem to hate it. I love it, but there again, you'd expect me to - I was born on the thirteenth so it holds NO fear for me, how could it. I actually look upon it as a lucky day.

Friday the thirteenth - what will YOU do?

Me ..... I purchased an extra couple of lines on the lottery today. I know it's not drawn until tomorrow, but I'm hoping my luck will hold.... At least it was bought on Friday the thirteenth

I suppose we all dream of a big win. I know I often lay plans just in case - well you don't want to be caught out wondering what to do with all that money, do you ....

Keeping fingers crossed...

End of post of Bedlam - Friday the thirteenth.


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