Sunday, 15 March 2009

American Idol, was Paula Abdul drunk?

Bedlam view - American Idol

Okay, so I was a bit late watching it. I had to record this week's American Idol because we were doing other things at the time, but we've just got around to seeing it. I don't like to miss it, I think there are some great singers around....

Paula Abdul drunk

.... But tell me, are we the only ones to notice that Paula Abdul seemed DRUNK... on American Idol? Pissed out of her mind, on network TV?

She lay across the desk at times, slouched in her seat as if she needed support, couldn't think of what she wanted to say .... in general, behaved just like I do when I'm pissed....

Most weeks we think she acts a bit ..... strange ... struggles to find her words.... seems a bit odd... But now after seeing this week's American Idol, we've decided the problem is she's pissed out of her head. It seems that quite a lot of the time she's drunk as a skunk - or there's some serious underlying problem.

All right I've had plenty of falling down juice in my time - and fell down with it. We've probably all been guilty at some time or other - but not at work - not when we're earning millions of pounds for the pleasure of sitting on a judge's seat on American Idol. For crying out loud, she's holding some poor buggar's future in her hands - and she's pissed!!!

Give me that sort of money and I'd promise to stay sober for the WHOLE length of American Idol. Simon Cowell or not, I'd stay sober.

*** Paula Abdul drunk, Paula Abdul drunk, Paula Abdul drunk ***

*** American Idol, American Idol, American Idol ***

End of post - American Idol, was Paula Abdul drunk?

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