Sunday, 19 October 2008

Noise pollution again!

Bedlam view

The bastards have been at it again!

We came in late last night after a good night at La Luna, Alcalali. I suppose we arrived home around 01:45hrs, watched a smatter of recorded TV with a last drink then hopped to bed.

Could we sleep? Could we hell.

All the doors were closed, the windows closed, the wooden shutters to the window tightly closed, but could we sleep?

1.5km away

The daft bastards down in the village were having a fiesta again. NOT that I begrudge a bit of good time and all that, but the bloody village is 1.5km away from us in a straight line, and the racket STILL kept me awake.

It's ridiculous! How CAN they possibly stand such volume of shit, so late at night? I don't even know how they can produce such noise. It went on until the extremes of morning -probably around 06:00hrs. I lost track. My nerves were shattered.


I hate the bastards for it. Why can't they be like NORMAL people? I tried using mind over matter to bring on rain - it didn't work. I tried to blow up their equipment by telekineses - it didn't work, I just lost sleep. Why-oh-why do the Spanish tolerate so much noise?

You can't tell me it's tradition. The equipment to generate such high volumes of noise simply wasn't available traditionally. Tradition would have been brass bands, a bit of umpah - quite acceptable. Modern bands, pumping out millions of watts of shit, simply IS NOT tradition.

The bloody councils seem to think tourists want garbage pumped at them for entertainment, there's no other reason to allow it. They're thinking with their pockets again.

Well listen Mr. Councillor, PEOPLE DON'T WANT THE SHIT NOISE! Think about the poor pensioners in the middle of the village instead of the money you're making. What do older villagers think? Have you thought about asking them?

Well I asked and do you know what the answer was - "What can we do. It's what the youngsters want." What the youngsters want -- F*** the youngsters. A whole community arsed about for youngsters. Balls to it!

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