Friday, 24 October 2008

Romanian driver does 310 mph.

Bedlam Humour

Lewis Hamilton, anyone?

Anyone up for a super car? I’ll bet Lewis Hamilton will be dead envious of this one.

310 mph

A driver in Romanian was astonished when he was given a speeding ticket - for driving his 15-year-old Renault at 310mph. Driver, Toader Moise, 62, had apparently notched up an incredible speed in the narrow, winding streets of the mountain city of Sinaia. 15 years old? How would the lemon law deal with this I wonder?

Super tuned

The car, which had a maximum speed of 110mph when it was brand new, is up for sale – Lewis, are you taking note - highly tuned car for sale. You don't need all those super mechanics, just a 62 year old Romanian.

"It was really hilarious and I think I should get into the book of records with this," he said. "How could I drive my 15-year-old Renault at 310mph when I can barely get her do 70mph?"

Law is Ass

Police are look into it to see if the ticket was down to a radar glitch or a blunder by the officer who wrote the ticket, I wonder if the guy will get away with it?

Maybe the officer should be investigated. How could he possibly have thought it correct - another case of the law being an ass?

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