Thursday, 2 October 2008

Coincidence and Steve Povey, Mayor of Leek, in Parcent.

Strange thing, coincidence. It happens when you least expect.

Picture of Parcent


I recall many years ago whilst seconded to a company in Nigeria. I was relaxing on Badagry Beach, when someone stood in the line of sun and said, "Hey-up, youth! What're you doin' here?" It was a lad I once knew from Leek in Staffordshire. Out of all the places in the world, of all the people on the beach, he happened to pass by me and recognize me. How cool is that.

Maybe it's something to do with Leek.

I now live in Spain. Last Sunday evening, my wife and I decided to go to the Planet Restaurant & Bar in Parcent. Parcent is a tiny inland village on the Costa Blanca, beautiful, but not a place you'd normally think of visiting if you were on holiday in the area.

Steve Povey

After several games of pool with friends, a couple, who'd been watching us play, stood to leave. The guy suddenly asked me if I was from Stoke on Trent. I explained I was actually from Cheddleton, near Leek, which was not too far from Stoke.

He smiled broadly and shook my hand. It turned out he was the ex-mayor of Leek, Steve Povey. Then it turned out his father worked at the same place I'd worked at as an apprentice and I actually knew him. Cool!

Why had he chosen that bar in Parcent, why had I decided to go that night ....

Chances are millions to one on these coindences, yet they happen time after time. Maybe the world is smaller than we realise.

So Steve Povey, if you remember nothing else from your holiday, I hope you remember this chance meeting in Parcent. By the way, the week of rain is over, the sun shining, the weather warm. Sorry if you missed it!!!

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