Saturday, 25 October 2008

Farts keep blood pressure down!

Bedlam Humour

A new scientific research paper indicates that the stink of rotten-egg in farts, controls blood pressure.

The obnoxious smell that all of you produce is caused by the gas called hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The odour will be all too familiar with you guys and gals out there, even if you try to deny it.

Farts are apparently produced by bacteria living in the gut and the gas eventually makes its way out. Everyone farts – even the Queen of England.

Blood Pressure

The new study found that cells lining blood vessels organically produce the gas, and this action actually helps keep blood pressure low by relaxing blood vessels.

I notice that some of my friends have a more relaxing time than others Lol ... Way to go guys. Next time your fart stinks out the house, at least you can tell your partner you’re trying to keep your blood pressure down.

Have a healthy stinking fart on me!


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