Monday, 28 September 2009

Joke - Tommy and the Bull

Bedlam - Humor.

This joke is from Kath Chambers. A right scream.

Little Tommy rushed into the farmhouse and said, 'Mummy, mummy, come look. The bull is f *** ing one of the cows'
His mother's jaw dropped, 'Tommy,' she scolded. 'You must never say that word again. You should say, the bull is surprising one of the cows. "
A week later, Tommy runs into the farmhouse once more. 'Mummy, mummy,' he said excitedly 'The bull is Surprising ALL of the cows. "
His mother shook her head. 'Now Tommy, do not be silly. The bull can not surprise ALL the cows. "
Tommy nodded vigorously. 'Yes it can ....'
'No it can not, Tommy. "
'Yes it can .... It's f **** ing the horse. "

Thanks Kath. A real laugh ......

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