Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Joke - The Beach

Bedlam - humour

John Evans sent this joke - hope it doesn't offend....

A man was sitting on a blanket at the beach. He had no arms and no legs. Three women were strolling past enjoying the day, and felt sorry for the poor man.

The first woman went over to him and said, 'Have you ever had a hug?'

The man shook his head and said 'No!' So she gave him a hug and walked on.

The second woman said, 'Have you ever had a kiss?'

The man said 'No.' She gave him a kiss and walked on.

The third woman walked over to him, bent over so low that her breasts almost popped out and whispered in his ear, 'Have you ever been f***d?'

The fellow looked up in amazement and a smile spread over his face as he said in a thick voice, 'No, I haven't.'

She said, 'You will be when the tide comes in . . . '

Lol, John. Haven't heard from you for a few days...


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