Thursday, 10 September 2009

Joke - How to make a woman happy

Bedlam - humour.

Thanks to Fred Ashford for sending this joke.

How to make a woman happy.
A MAN ONLY NEEDS TO BE: A friend, a companion, a lover, a brother, a father, a master, a chef, an electrician, a plumber, a mechanic, a decorator, a gardener, a homebuilder, a stylist, a diplomat, a provider, a sexologist, a gynaecologist, a psychologist, a pest exterminator, a psychiatrist, a healer, a good listener, an organizer, a good father,very clean, sympathetic, athletic, warm, attentive, gallant, intelligent, funny, creative, tender, strong, understanding, tolerant, prudent, ambitious, capable, courageous, determined, true, dependable and passionate.
WITHOUT FORGETTING TO: give her compliments, love shopping, be honest, be rich, not stress her out, and not look at other girls.
AT THE SAME TIME: give her lots of attention, give her lots of space and never worry where she goes.
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT: Never to forget; birthdays, anniversaries and arrangements she makes.
How to make a man happy:-
Feed him, give him sex and leave him in peace!
A fairly comprehensive list there, Fred. Like it........

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