Friday, 2 May 2008

Bloody Horny Lot!

Noise pollution, insidious, obtrusive, pisses me off.

Most of us object to it, few of us do anything about it – we daren’t now – we’re liable to get kicked to death on our own doorsteps. So, we’re mightily glad when Mr. Lawmaker takes the responsibility out of our hands.

The good people of in India are no different … except they go one step further in their ‘not doing anything about it’ approach. They IGNORE it.

Traffic noise in Mumbai is apparently verging out of control, so the police introduced the concept of a NO HONKING day. Great stuff, good initiative … however, the situation became so bad in India’s most bustling of cities, that drivers honked even MORE than usual. The appeals of the police were in vain, I’m afraid.

Disconnect the bloody horns, I say. Shove a screwdriver through ‘em! Rip 'em out! How the hell do drivers think honking horns will make them move any faster!

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