Monday, 19 May 2008

One For The Boys!

It seems the niece of the head the Catholic Church in Spain, has been a little naughty. She got 'em out for the lads, she flopped her top, flung her floops.

Apparently the said niece objected to the 'hypocrisy' of her uncle's pride and joy, saying, "the Catholic Church preaches one thing and does the opposite".

The buxom señorita bared her breasts, displaying her pert young nipples to the world in a soft porn magazine, smiling and claiming it was all part of the protest - I don't suppose the money bit came into it. Most girls prefer to flash their tits on Benidorm beach, she flashed 'em in a mag ... same difference I suppose .... except for the few odd euros in her pocket.

Will she donate it to the cause? Maybe I'm getting cynical ....

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