Saturday, 17 May 2008

Stags, Shags and Bags!

Bedlam - comment.

Stags, shags, and bags

One of our Australian brethren was attacked and speared in the thigh by a libidinous stag after entering a paddock in the middle of the breeding season. Apparently, the stag didn't take too kindly to the intrusion whilst it was enjoying it's nuptials - well would you?

The worker at the farm near Sydney decided the recently erected sign (no pun intended, I promise) on the paddock gate, warning people to keep out didn't apply to him. So, the-stag-that-wanted-to-shag charged him.

The owner of the farm said. "It was the middle of the breeding season, that's why the animal was acting like it did.”

The farm worker, who'd been dragging a bag of grass cuttings to the deer, was rushed to hospital after the goring. Hibbard, the owner, said the animal was usually quite compliant, but hadn't taken kindly to the intrusion of another male in it's territory.

Hibbard said, "He (the stag) had six or seven girlfriends, you can imagine he would be protective in those circumstances,"

Jesus! If I had six or seven girlfriends, I think I'd be glad of a little help, not protective towards them!

The motto of the story seems to be, don't drag bags, to stags that shag!

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