Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Fire in Sydney


Jack Chambers sent this email:

In South Sydney , a fire destroyed a multi story block of flats.

A Polynesian family of six con artists lived on the first floor. All six died in the fire. 
An Islamic group of seven Pakistani welfare cheats, all illegally in the country, lived on the second floor, and they too all perished in the fire. 
Six Maori ex-cons lived on the 3rd floor and they too died.
Four Aboriginal families in the 2 flats on the 4th floor also perished.
One white couple lived on the top floor. They survived.

Relatives of the deceased and local do-gooders were furious.They flew into Sydney and quickly demanded a meeting with the fire chief.

On camera, they loudly demanded to know why the Islanders, Muslims, Maoris and Aboriginals all died in the fire and only the white couple survived.

The fire chief quietly replied, "They were both at work."

Thanks Jack. Keep 'em rollin'....

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