Saturday, 20 December 2008

Politically correct madness again

Bedlam View.

The politically correct mob is acting in a mob-handed way again.

Just what is wrong with modern thinking? Don’t they understand that when discipline flies out of the window there is anarchy? Can’t the daft beggars see just how they’re destroying the very fabric of society? The damage has already been done- the streets are already dangerous.

The Untouchables.

Kids, teenagers, in fact whole families, are growing up in the belief that they are untouchable, that they can do what they wish without punishment.

The latest to be caught up in the in the stupidity is a British schoolteacher. He’s been suspended after making his poor-old pupils do push-ups as a reprimand for arriving late to class.

Ian Jennison, a representative for the National Union of Teachers, said the action could have a knock-on effect on how teachers dealt with their students in the future.

"It's political correctness gone mad. The repercussions are quite far-reaching," Jennison said. "If this man is sacked for this, teachers are not going to take kids on trips, if two kids are having a fight they won't intervene, because they will be too worried."

Pupils suggested it

The REALLY stupid part of it is the pupils themselves democratically thought up the reprimand. Jennison said the whole class had discussed different punishments for latecomers and that it was pupils who suggested push-ups.

I have no patience with do-gooders interfering with professionals. Discipline is necessary. Rules and regulations are there to maintain a healthy society – the attitude should be instilled from the earliest age –

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