Monday, 29 December 2008

Ignorant drivers.

Bedlam View

I don't think I'll ever get my head around the driving over here in Spain. No one seems to understand the rules of the road.

Drivers standing

For example, we drove down our narrow little lane to the village, via the bridge. It's the ONLY access route. We live in the campo, on the low rise to one of the the sierras - one road in, one road out, no choice.

As we neared the bridge there were several cars in a queue, drivers standing around. We drew up and waited .... and waited .... and waited. Eventually I got out to see what the problem was - two cars on the bridge, both within a couple of metres of our end of the bridge, both waiting to come over to our side - except nothing was moving.

I wandered over but no one occupied the front car, the second car was stuck behind, the guy in it held out his hands in a shrug - he obviously hadn't a clue why he was stuck ... the people in the queue in front of me seemed no better informed. The people waiting on the far side of the bridge must have been no better off.

I wandered back - waited - nothing - got more pissed off.


After what seemed like forever, a young woman, carrying a youngster, appeared from the nursery school just on our side of the bridge. She made her way to the front car and calmly fitted the youngster into a car seat.

At this point the woman in the car in front of me could hold it back no longer, jumped out, ran to her, waving her hands, screaching a torrent of Spanish. I hadn't a clue what was said - I can only just about get through my shopping. The young woman with the child, screached back even louder, and fun was had by all.

When the woman eventually returned to the car in front she offered a garbled explanation - which made me no better off - I hadn't a clue what was said. The young woman with the child, started her car and drove towards us - clearing the bridge - and shoved a single finger in the air at the woman in front.

Ignorant bitch

What had gone on, why was she parked - I have no idea. I just know that for some reason the ignorant bitch decided that parking on the bridge was an okay thing to do - buggar everyone else.... she wanted to do it, so do it she did.

If you're reading this, young woman with child - DON'T DO IT AGAIN - you absolutely piss me off - and all the others .... You might just end up with your car pushed over the bridge...


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