Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Holiday resort in Australia has nude party

Bedlam Viewpoint

They say sex sells - anything. So how about pumping up those numbers for your local holiday resorts?

Nude Party

Australia seem to be taking it to heart in a BIG way. The White Cockatoo resort in Queensland are about to launch a month-long, nude, anything-goes party.

The White Cockatoo? I wonder if they realised the connotation before they decided on the venue? If the nude party goes on for a whole month they might think of changing the resort name to A Sunburnt Cock-or-two!

WOW! Month-long! The mind boggles. Some stamina flying around there by the sound of it. Oh to be young again.

Best left covered

The resort chiefs are trying to combat an expected economic downturn by giving the green light to sex. Nude bodies will abound and anything goes - just imagine all that romping, cavorting, nakedness - mind you, some bodies are best left covered, don't you think.

I think I'd better have a cup of tea to calm me down - well a coffee and brandy.


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