Saturday, 27 December 2008

Jalon flea market

Bedlam Post -

Flash trash and cash. Find it at the Jalon rastro. A flea market by any other name...

. A sight not to be missed!

We decided to finish the Christmas holiday weekend by strolling through the Rastro alongside the local river bed - a flea market to you. Took a few pics to let you know what the local sights are like.

It's so very true. One man's rubbish is another man's treasure.

Try the Jalon 'Rastro' any Saturday morning and you'll see trash, flash, and cash in all it's glory.

You'll have to learn how to barter though, otherwise you might pay well over the odds.

The rastro owners expect you to be well versed...

Or you might just find something you never dreamed of.... and never wanted anyway...
*** Jalon rastro, Jalon rastro, Jalon rastro, Jalon rastro ***


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End of post - Flash trash and cash. Find it at the Jalon rastro

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