Thursday, 30 April 2009

Swine flu and Stoke on Trent

Bedlam comment.

Whoops!!! It seems like my old home town is under fire. THIRTEEN patients are being tested for suspected swine flu in the Stoke on Trent area. It’s still too soon to know if anyone has been confirmed as having the disease – but it doesn’t bode well.

The people all developed flu-like symptoms after returning from Mexico. I just hope they’re negative. I suppose it’s all too easy to develop hesteria and think you have swine-flu when it’s just a cold…. But better to be safe than sorry, I say.


Across the country three cases of the flu were confirmed yesterday – in Torbay, Redditch and North London. Two people are recovering after treatment for the disease in Scotland.

Now, chemist shops are apparently rationing stocks of anti-viral drugs as a precaution, as fears of a global pandemic grow.

I’ll bet the chemists have some for themselves and their families tucked to one side, though….

*** Swine flu, Swine flu, Swine flu ***

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