Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Don't shop at Carrefour, Benidorm

Bedlam view.

I'm about to start repairing the terrible wind damage to my garden - if you didn't catch my earlier post, my gazebo and courtyard have been shredded.

After a few false starts we located a suitable gazebo/pergola in the garden department of Carrefour hypermarket at Finestrat (Benidorm). Good price - looked a reasonable construction, so today we went, clutching our wallets.

Don't shop at Carrefour, Benidorm.

What a disappointment the day turned out to be. I can only say - DON'T bother going to Carrefour, Benidorm garden department to purchase anything.

We waited and waited for attention. I approached the girl on the till twice for someone to come to us - no response. There were two other couples wanting to purchase something from the garden department and they were waiting too. One couple wanted a brick BBQ and the other a larger gazebo/pergola than us. Nobody arrived. We all waited like dummies - all fuming. The thing is, between us, we were interested in about 1500 - 2000 euros of goods - not to be sneezed at.

Eventually I was so pissed off we stormed away from the ignorant bitch, who simply shrugged her shoulders - couldn't care less.

Try having a drink

We went for a drink at the one of the store's caf├ęs, and after I'd calmed down, my wife persuaded me to have another shot at it - after all, we'd travelled almost twenty-five miles to buy it. There was a different assistant on the till when we went back so I explained what we wanted to purchase. She radioed for someone -great stuff -getting somewhere at last.

We waited , and waited, and waited - and guess what - I became pissed off. The assistant on the till radioed again. Eventually a young woman arrived in a huff - gave a bit of bad-mouthing to the till-assistant which I couldn't follow because she spoke too fast - but it was obvious she thought her job too important to bother with mere customers...

You can't have that one

She came with us to the gazebo, shrugged her shoulders and told us abruptly we couldn't have that one. We could have any of the others, but not that one. She didn't even say sorry....

That was no bloody good. They were the wrong size or we didn't like them.

Boy was I pissed off.... but we've found this before over here - an element of Spanish shop assistants have no idea how to treat customers. They've never heard of politeness, tact or customer awareness! Don't they realise, without satisfied customers they will eventually have no job?

  • Why were the Carrefour, Benidorm shop assitants so bloody ignorant?
  • Why did we have to wait in Carrefour, Benidorm so long to get served?
  • Why wasn't there a notice in Carrefour, Benidorm saying the item was no longer available - it would have saved all this hassle?
  • Why did none of the assistants at Carrefour, Benidorm apologize for the inconvenience?

Mr. Carrefour. Your store assistants in the garden department of Finestrat (Benidorm) hypermarket are arrogant, unhelpful, shits. Their shabby attitude absolutely makes my blood boil. Get your store sorted out or you might soon have no customers left....

End of post - Don't shop at Carrefour

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