Thursday, 14 January 2010

Costa Blanca Carpets - Avoid them like the plague

Bedlam Opinion

Costa Blanca Carpets of Teulada .... Avoid them like the plague - go anywhere but there.

The shop has been around for many years, we knew of the company first in Benissa, and then later in Teulada, so assumed they were a reputable company - wrong!

Costa Blanca Carpets ripped us off.

Last autumn, we took a decision to have wood laminate flooring in the lounge, and vinyl cushion flooring in the kitchen.

Contrary to popular belief, during winter months, villas on the Costa Blanca can be quite cold - they don't have the insulation you see - built for summer, not winter. So we planned to start our own program of insulation. Roof spaces tend to be inaccessible without major building work, so we started on the cold tile floors.

We ordered flooring from Costa Blanca Carpets believing we had made a good choice. The flooring was expensive at 32 Euros per square metre for both the kitchen and lounge, but they assured us that high-quality products were used throughout - and we wanted a good job.

Catalogue of disaster.

We were asked for a 700 Euro deposit - not unusual over here - except that they took forever to respond - offering several excuses for their lateness. At last the flooring was installed - and it was only after this that the reason for the lateness became apparent. We believe they hoped we would have forgotten what we ordered.

They arrived in a blaze of glory and hoohaa and we left them to it. When I was at work, I hated having anyone looking over my shoulder - Big mistake to leave them.

To give them their due, they worked all day with little rest. They finished with a flourish. The rooms looked very different and were pleasing to the eye and we said so. They were very late finishing, and they'd worked hard during an exceptionally hot day, so we paid them and they rushed off - Big mistake for us.

We cleaned around and settled into the new looking lounge feeling quite chuffed - Big mistake. A short while after, my wife called me to the kitchen and said that the flooring didn't look like the one we'd ordered.

Inferior quality.

We looked at some of the off-cuts and realised the stuff was less than half the thickness of the one we wanted - less insulation, much lower quality. We went to Costa Blanca Carpets as soon as we could with a piece of off-cut and showed them that they had supplied a very inferior quality product.

They claimed it was the supplier's fault but agreed to replace it. That was 6th September 2009. 5 months later they still have not replaced the flooring. They have made excuses on almost a fornightly basis ever since - but no replacement.

Because it is of inferior quality, the kitchen flooring has since stretched and buckled and looks terrible.

The wood laminate flooring upon close examinatiion has been laid in a sloppy manner with bad joints around doorways - a very amateur and messy job.

I recently examined the laminate and lo-and-behold found that it too is of inferior quality. The laminate flooring ordered was 8mm thick. The one they supplied is only 6mm.

All in all, Costa Blanca Carpets have shown themslves to be fraudulant liars, supplying inferior products whilst charging for superior quality products. My advice - keep clear.


Anushka said...

Laminated wooden flooring is nothing but wood plies that are laminated together. Solid hardwood flooring has always been a very popular choice among homeowners, but hardwood is expensive, difficult to install and requires frequent maintenance.

Anonymous said...

James, You may be interested that Costa Blanca Carpets have just started trading again as an internet based company.
Probably so they cannot get traced,
hve a look at

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

You might be interested in

Looks like they have started trading again as an internet and mobile company?

Probably to avoid detection, they are also in the Euroweekly free paper.

Good Luck