Thursday, 8 October 2009

Joke - Four old men

Bedlam - humour .

Kath Chambers has sent in another joke.

Four old men were sitting round a campfire near the beach philosophising about what the fastest thing in the world might be.

One of the men poked the fire. “I think the fastest thing is probably a thought -because before you can think, it’s already thought.”

His friend shook his head. “No man, the fastest thing in the world is a blink because before you can think to blink, you done blink already.”

The old man opposite laughed aloud at this. “No,” he said. “You’re both wrong. The fastest thing in the world is electricity because when you turn on the light it travels fast and the light comes on straight away. There isn’t a pause, man. It just happens.”

The fourth old man shifted in his seat. “You’re all wrong. The fastest thing ever, is diarrhoea.”

“Get out of it!”

“I’m telling you it is. Last night before I could think, blink or switch the light on, I shit myself.”

Thanks for that Kath - I love it. Hilarious.


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