Saturday, 19 April 2008

Noisy Bastards!


Society has spawned a breed of people so ignorant, so bloody full of themselves they feel they have to include everyone in their conversations.
You'll find them everywhere, preening in brassy voices, airing loud and outspoken views, drowning everyone's conversation.
You’ll hear them in restaurants, bars, in the street and … oh, oh… next door

Loud music

Noisy neighbours are the curse of modern society.
We live a considerable distance from our nearest neighbour, maybe 200 metres. So when they’re in the garden, WHY do they insist on talking loud enough for us to hear every word …. WHY insist on playing loud music. AND WHY have yappy, snappy, dogs that never stop bloody barking.


Do they think we can’t afford our own music system, do they believe their choice of music to be superior? Maybe they think their conversation to be of such scintillating stuff we can’t wait to listen to the next instalment.

WRONG! I don't want to hear! In fact, you piss me off!

When I was young, it was considered vulgar to speak loudly. Conversations were private affairs, and ONLY included those it was directed towards.
What’s gone wrong? When did it happen? When did ignorance take over?

Oh, for a little decorum and good manners! Let's start a campaign to let all noisy people know just how vulgar they really are.

So just shut the shit up and think about others.


End of post - Noisy Bastards!

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