Monday, 28 April 2008

In the Eye of the Beholder

Bedlam Humour

Without wishing to appear racist, I recall a joke floating around concerning virgins, Arabs and camels - you probably know it, or one similar. It seems the joke has turned full circle.

Apparently the Crown Prince of Dubai has purchased a female camel for a breath-taking 1.7 million euros at a Beauty Pageant for camels! Beauty Pageant for camels? Are they taking the piss?

Cultural heritage.

They say the aim of the Beauty Pageant is to celebrate and preserve the region's cultural heritage - or is this really their run-up to the Miss World Competition?

I mean, a joke is a joke, but this is ridiculous! 1.7 million for an ugly bitch of an animal, that spits and slobbers? How can a camel EVER be thought of as beautiful?

Eye and beholder springs to mind! Maybe I'm a shade too picky, but your's is the one with long eye-lashes.

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