Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Nokia Lumia Update


Do you know, I'm fed up of the silly update game imposed by Microsoft. September last year, while on holiday in the UK, I decided to venture into the world of smartphones and was guided towards a Windows Phone.

Okay, I'm a diehard conservative as far as high tech is concerned. I was probably the last person in Spain to get a mobile at all... but peer pressure from my OH pushed me towards a sparkling new phone.

I didn't want to spend too much, so picked up a Lumia 630 unlocked phone. To be honest, I thought (and still think) it's very good. It has a lot of inbuilt goodies that I never dreamed possible.

After a month or so, news filtered through of a terrific update that would bring thrills to all. It promised to be all things to all people and would be rolled out from Microsoft during the last quarter of 2014. I couldn't believe that I was to be at the forefront of such an amazing piece of technology

Utter twaddle. I checked every day and the update never put in an appearance. Three months later, I still check every day and it still hasn't put in an appearance.

Mr. Micrsoft, your handling of this great occasion has been abysmal. You have customers by the million, hanging by their teeth, waiting for your indulgence. You have failed us all miserably.

May I speak for everyone by saying we are mightily fed up of your procrastination. You should not have forewarned us of such a great event. You should have kept your mouth shut until it was imminent. 

GET YOUR FINGER OUT and roll out this update as soon as possible.

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