Thursday, 22 December 2011

In The Spirit Of Christmas - 21st Century

Ed Goldstraw has sent this joke:

In The Spirit Of Christmas - 21st Century
While shepherds watched their flocks by night
All seated on the ground,
The Angel of the Lord came down,
And Glory shone around.

The Union of Shepherds has complained that it breaches Health & Safety Regulations to insist the Shepherds watch their flocks without appropriate seating arrangements being provided.
Therefore, benches, stools and orthopaedic chairs must be available at all times.
Shepherds have also requested that, due to inclement weather they should watch their flocks via CCTV cameras inside centrally-heated sheep observation huts.
And the Angel of the Lord is reminded that before shining his / her Glory all around, the Shepherds must be issued with glasses capable of filtering out any harmful effects of UVA, UVB and Glory lighting.

Little donkey, little donkey on the dusty road,
Got to keep on plodding onwards,
with your precious load.

The RSPCA has issued strict guidelines with regard to how heavy a load a donkey of small stature is permitted to carry. In the guidelines are stated permitted feeding breaks, and at least one rest break must be taken in every two-hour plodding period.

Due to the risk of pollution from the dusty road, Mary and Joseph are required to wear facemasks. Not to transgress street cleanliness bye-laws in Bethlehem Joseph is also required to clean up after the donkey.

The ‘Little Donkey’ has expressed his objection to being labelled ‘Little’ and would prefer to being referred to as ‘Mr Donkey’. Comments upon his height such as ‘Short Ass’ or otherwise, are considered to be a breach of his equine equality rights.

Lol, too damn true, Ed. Thanks for sending. 
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