Thursday, 4 February 2010

Supermarket shit..... Again

Bedlam - comment
They've done it again....

The damn supermarket managers have changed things around once more in the Mercadonna Store at Benissa. I hate it. It gets on my nerves.

Every single person I speak to about it, hates it. WHY do supermarket managers believe they know more about customer psychology, than the customers do? Listen to me, Mr. Supermarket Manager. We shoppers are people of habit. It hacks us off when things are stacked in a different place. We want to pop in, pick up our things , and push off home.

Why do it?

I know where you're coming from. I know you think we'll see things we might not have done by searching for the things we want, but you are wrong. All I do is fume and swear. Yes Mr. Supermaket manager, I swear at you. I curse you. I wish you out of employment.

Oh no not obscenities.

My instinct is to leave the store with my fingers jerking in your face. I want to go to the next store and shop there, I want to shout obscenities at the top of my voice like I heard a man do a couple of years ago in Tesco when they had a change around ..... but my O/H holds me back.

Next time you take in into your pea-sized brain to jerk the store around, remember it jerks your customers off. DON'T DO IT. Leave us in peace - we hate food shopping in the first place. Don't piss us off more.....

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