Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bankers award themselves huge bonuses out of OUR money

Bedlam opinion

Would someone like to explain howcome the bastard bankers in the UK are able to award themselves such high bonuses when they are the ones responsible for causing the finincial crisis in the first place.

Just what is going on?

Banks were recently on the brink of collapse, so the silly government bailed them out, and the bankers got over their problems. Hurrah for them.

Hurrah for them, the rest of the country is still in deep shit with spiralling inflation, yet it's boom time for bankers. Boom time with OUR money. They have awarded themselves annual money rewards that would solve money problems forever for most of us.

In my opinion they should be paying that bonus money BACK TO THE GOVERNMENT. Give the country the money back, bugger the bonus. Once again, the government have fallen foul to shit.

Bankers, government - get your house in order.

If the government gives an individual more money than they should, in say tax credits, they have to pay it back. Why don't the bankers? What is the difference.

Bankers - wankers. They piss me off.

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