Thursday, 19 February 2009

The logic of Spanish post boxes

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Sometimes what happens in Spain is beyond me. I wonder at their logic - or lack of it.

Logic? No thank you we're Spanish

I quite often have to make a trip to the post office to return wrongly delivered mail. It isn't as if it's an easy matter, the post office has ridiculous opening hours - from 9am until 11am each weekday. Two bloody hours.... If you forget, you're too late.... it's gone, dead, closed for the day.

What sort of hours are they? Mind you, this ISN'T the crux of my blog. What I'm getting at is the logic of the numbering on post boxes.

Most of us have to purchase or rent a postbox because deliveries to individual houses is a no-no. Okay I accept that. What I DON'T accept is the stupid way they allocate numbers. Postboxes are spread out around the town and SOMEONE decided that the post box numbers at each place should start all over from number one.

I've no idea how many times numbers have been repeated, but I know that my particular number is repeated at LEAST three times, because I've had mail in my box with three different names. Different name, same box number - crazy. There's nothing to differentiate them.

The delivery man has no idea which box belongs to whom. I actually have my name on my box, but no one seems to care - a number is a number and that's that.

Each time I tell them it's incorrect, but the post man just shrugs his shoulders - it's someone else's problem - pass the buck.

Sequential numbers

I'm forever returning mail to the post office with someone else's name on it. Same post box number, different name. How stupid is that? why on earth couldn't they have sequential numbers, then there'd never be a problem.

How many items of mine have been delivered incorrectly? How many other people actually return them to the post office if they're wrong? It pisses me off to think what I'm missing.

Come on Mr. Spanish Postmaster, get your finger out. Use your head. Number the bloody boxes correctly.


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