Sunday, 25 January 2009

High winds in Jalon

Bedlam post.

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My courtyard and gazebo - love them. Sitting there, with a lunchtime coffee splashed with brandy, is a pleasure. Chatting with friends during balmy summer evenings - my idea of heaven.

Not any more - gone - zilch - dead.

I'm pissed off.

The weather over here in Spain has been unpredictable of late - the same the world over I know - but when it ruins your own things it makes you realise how things are changing. Wow, did we have wind. Friday and Saturday just blew us away. .

Was it a tornado? It took the roof off the social centre as well - it seemed quite localized, none of my neighbours had the damage we did. The bulding next to the social centre was okay....

Know any builders.....


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End of post - High winds in Jalon

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