Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Mas y Mas Supermarkets in Spain are Filthy Bastards


Please note

If I am ill tomorrow or early next week, please note that today, I consumed an unhygienic apple.

It was purchased from those dirty bastards at Mas y Mas supermarket in Jalon (Xalo), Alicante, Spain, who insist on plastering filthy, arse-hole, sticky labels on some of their fruit, thus encasing any dirty-shit bacteria that is present, onto the surface.

Why do supermarket managers persist with such filthy, disgusting habits?

Get wise, Mr Manager at Mas y Mas Supermarket, Avinguda Rei Joan Carles I , 43
03727 Xal├│, Spain

Stop plastering fucking sticky-shit bacteria on your fucking fruit. Your habit is bloody disgusting. 

Keep fresh fruit clean

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