Monday, 28 January 2013

Crystal Windows, Spain


Crystal Windows
Mostly I have a rant and slap out brickbats about the standard of work by certain firms on the Costa Blanca. Today I'm handing out bouquets.

It's not often I pat a company on the back out here in Spain, but CRYSTAL WINDOWS, DOORS, & CONSERVATORIES  S.L. located in Pedreguer, Costa Blanca, deserve high praise.

In early December we had aging wooden doors and windows replaced with double glazed units. There are a number of companies to choose from out here, and most seem of reasonable quality.

We chose Crystal Windows because
  • They speak my language, 
  • Were much cheaper than the competition, 
  • The units were more stylish than others we saw, 
  • They were very well constructed. 
The company actually construct the units at the site in Pedregeur and invite you to look around the high-tech workshops.

The installation was completed efficiently, cleanly, and on the date promised. The workmen were very polite. I simply could not have asked for more.

During the last few weeks we suffered high winds in the area and it highlighted a slight problem. The windows facing the winds had minor draughts from corners. Today I telephoned the company and asked if they could help me.

To my shock the lady in the office said a workman would be there within the hour if it was convenient.

The man arrived in less than an hour, politely apologized for any aggravation caused, then checked and corrected the problems. He went on to check the rest of the installation to make sure we hadn't missed any problems.

So bravo to Crystal Windows. Good luck to anyone who provides good service at a reasonable price.

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