Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cosmos - Monarch - Shit

Bedlam - Opinion

Wow - that 4 weeks vacation soon disappeared. It seems only yesterday that I posted my last blog.

Travelling was not a good experience. To start with I got lost driving from Manchester airport. Why don't they erect SIMPLE and BIG signs so dumb people like me can follow them when we're tired and confused.

The worst thing was flying from Manchester to Rhodes (Greece) on Monarch airlines with a Cosmos package holiday. Monarch airlines had a technical problem with the plane and we had to disembark after an hour waiting on the tarmac. We were then shunted back and forth from the lounge to the gate, 3 times before finally leaving - 8 hours late.

We felt like sheep, trotting back and forth, with no idea of what was happening. Now I understand problems happen unexpectedly, and the last thing I want, is to travel on a plane that is unsafe. BUT, the way we were treated was appalling - no explanation, shuttled back and forth for no reason, and no one to talk us through the problems.

We finally arrived in our Cosmos package holiday hotel at 2am instead of 4pm the previous day - and there were NO refreshments for us. If we'd arrived at 4pm we would have been in time for an evening meal. At 2am the place was dead. Why didn't Cosmos package holidays arrange a tray of cold refreshments for us? The restaurant always has an array of cold food available at meal times, surely they could have put some aside for us. There wasn't even a cold drink available.

My opinion,
Cosmos Package Holidays - Shit

Monarch airlines - Shit

Mr. Cosmos, get your act together or you'll go down the drain. Mr. Monarch, learn to communicate and treat your passengers with respect.

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